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In this area you can have a marvelous experience to be cherished  for a life time. Charter boats for fishing, remote island adventures, hiking tours, kayaking tours (training & equipment provided), mountain bike tours, pack packing, etc. Park your camper with us and take an advantage of the beauty this country has to offer.


-McMullum’s Reflection Lake Resort is well known for their chartered cruises (5- day minimum) on Lake Nipigon and surrounding waterways.  Their Resort has lovely house keeping cabins on the shore of Reflection lake. Daily boat rentals available.

-Bowman Island Charters can take you to their remote lodge on Bowman Island. Bowman Island is just off the south shore of Saint Ignace Island, which is centered in the new  Lake Superior  Marine Conservation Area on the north shore of Lake Superior. Lake Superior offers excellent fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Salmon and Speckled Trout.

-Nipigon River Adventures has a variety of offerings.  The Quebec Lodge is a local land mark from the days of the booming paper industry where the owners of the corporation would meet and entertain.  The new owners of the property entertain visitors to the area. They have special events which include cooking to bird watching. They have outdoor adventure packages which provide a variety of outdoor experiences ranging from sailing, to kayaking to hiking, and landscape photography.

-Epic Adventures was developed to provide one-of-a-kind Guided outdoor adventure tours.  By offering a variety of activities to choose from such as Hiking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing and more, there is something for everyone. These tours can range from two hours minimum to eight hours maximum depending on the type of tour selected.

Summer Activities

     * Hiking
     * Mountain Biking
     * Road Biking (Limited to a Single Route)  
     * Kayaking (Sea)
     * Canoeing
     * Orienteering/Geo-Caching
     * Rock Climbing (Shuttle Service)

Winter Activities

* Cross-Country Skiing (Classic and Skate)
     * Back-Country Skiing
     * Hiking
     * Snowshoeing
     * Ice Climbing (Shuttle Service)
     * Winter Camping (Shuttle Service)


-Live from the Rock folk festival “Live From The Rock” presents
A 3-day Folk Festival
Celebrating Music And The Arts On The Northern Shore Of Lake Superior 

-Nipigon Fall Fishing Festival

-Hiking Trails come and experience spectacular scenery and breathtaking views from its well maintained hiking trails.  The trails, lookouts and blinds provide opportunities for birding observing wildlife, and the Nipigon River Salmon run.  The trails provide a close up look at area geology and the boreal forest in its natural state.

-Snowmobiling all the information you need to get started this winter!
Snowmobiling is the best and most authentically Canadian way to discover winter and explore our land.


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